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Social Media Marketing
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Analyzing the performance of your social media marketing campaign is essential to ensure that your resources are being used efficiently. Here are a few important metrics that you must keep an eye on to see if your social media marketing... (More)

LinkedIn is a networking website for professionals. Integrating your LinkedIn company or individual profile with a social media management software will significantly help you with lead generation.

Here is a list of few social media management tools that are integrated... (More)

Social media management is not limited to companies and agencies alone. In fact, you can make use of social media management tools even for personal branding. However, making use of a social media management tool does not mean that you... (More)

Social media has revolutionized marketing by opening up new avenues for reaching out to potential clients. The hype around social media is real and companies realize that. From interacting with a community to running engaging contests or giveaways, anyone can... (More)