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According to popular statistics provider Statista, spam messages accounted for a staggering 53.4 percent of the global email traffic.

Another interesting stat is that China had the maximum share of unsolicited emails as they accounted for 14.36 percent of the... (More)

Maria Palmer
Revenue driven demand generation & content expert.

Double opt-in is a verification method that triggers after you submit your email ID. Once you do this, you are also required to go to your mail box and click on a confirmation link to verify your email. It is... (More)

Kelly Williams
Digital Marketing Manager

The concept of A/B testing is simple; testing multiple things and figuring out what works best. It is a popular phenomenon for all products and services, including email marketing.

With A/B tests, you can test multiple variations of the... (More)

Product | Growth Hacker

Email deliverability, as the term suggests is the ability to deliver emails to the recipient's inbox. This is one of the key metrics that marketers take into account while measuring the performance of their email marketing efforts.

Most email... (More)