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Asked a question 3 years ago

Which modules can be included in CRM apart from Sales, Marketing, and Service?

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Top modules in a CRM system apart from Sales, Marketing, and Service include:

  • Customer Information System/Customer Management: Allows users to segment their contacts into groups and capture the customer data accordingly. This paves way for personalization in communication, boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Support: The ability to control the contact center directly through the UI of the CRM while integrating any third-party program into a single platform.
  • Order Processing: Enables users to process any new customer orders as a result of successful marketing and/or sales campaigns. Users can create tasks, allocate them to the respective team members, track the progress of each, and ensure that deliveries stick to the schedule.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Includes features that allow reps to create relevant reports about the verticals/campaigns/tasks they are handling and forward them to managers. Managers can also curate holistic reports that can review the performance of departments over a course of time. On the other hand, analytical abilities include the following: 
    • Sales Analytics: Enables users to analyze the data of past campaigns by collecting and analyzing data from various sources. This includes social media, polls, and website traffic.
    • Workflow Analytics: Identifying prevailing gaps in present workflows and optimizing by referring to relevant analytical data points.
    • CX Analytics: Optimized UI and data analytics to dive deep into the present UI/UX capabilities to further streamline and improve the customer experience.
    • Web Analytics: Analyzing raw web traffic data that provides an insight into how website visitors are interacting with your website. This facilitates the identification of problem areas and suggests ways to improve.
  • Communication: Includes the ability to integrate communication options such as chat and phone support for a holistic end to end communication environment. Brings all stakeholders on a central communication platform, including employees, management, partners, and customers.
  • Customization: This module deals with options that allow users to customize the CRM tool according to their needs. This also enables the CRM software to grow with the organization, adapt to the existing technological infrastructure of your organization and integrate with it.