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Asked a question 3 years ago

Which is the best live chat software offering screen sharing feature?

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Live chat software allows you to chat directly to your website visitors and subsequently help in the growth of the business. But an added benefit of live screen sharing makes it a factotum. Unfortunately, none of the live chat software offers an inbuilt screen sharing feature. However, LiveChat (by LiveChat Inc) caters the screen sharing need by integrating third-party services like TeamViewer and

To access your customer’s screen using LiveChat, you need to have TeamViewer or add on for LiveChat installed and both you and your client/website visitor must have TeamViewer/ installed on their computer and should be run as administrator. After giving the required permission one can share his/her screen with the agent (website owner). This eliminates the need to explain the issue thoroughly as the agent itself can decipher the persisting problem by having access to the user’s screen. This integration in LiveChat offers full control and the agent can make any change in the user's computer. However, this is not a two-way process that means that only the client can share the screen and not vice versa.

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