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Which enterprise email marketing software is the best?

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Carly Ashby
Demand Generation Expert


If you happen to have a massive budget to hire a team of dedicated experts managing the email marketing unit, Pardot will be your best bet. Alternatively, if your company is looking for a holistic enterprise email marketing software that is propped by automation, ActiveCampaign is the way to go. 

Email marketing is a new and effective way to keep your clients in the loop. Companies are using up a lot of creativity in running email marketing campaigns to keep the audience engaged. 

Businesses are often on the lookout for email marketing software that are user-friendly, affordable, offers attractive add-on features, and most importantly, it should get the job done. Enterprise email marketing tools are much more specialized to deal with the requirements of global organizations. What really sets them apart is their data handling and management capacity. Since bigger enterprises appeal to a larger audience, they will have a higher requirement when it comes to lead storage. Additionally, they offer customized features to meet the needs of large corporations. Thus, enterprise email marketing software turns out to be a tad bit more expensive than the regular kind.

Some of the best enterprise email marketing tools are:

From the point of view of an enterprise, let’s have a look at some of the key features of each software: 

Pardot - Powered by SalesForce, Pardot acts as an effective enterprise email marketing software to manage leads, analyze data, and report on the ROI. A number of B2B and B2C companies make use of Pardot to serve their purpose. 

The tool acts as an integrated platform for carrying out a comprehensive email marketing campaign. The email building feature with its visual editor allows you to create personalized email templates. Thus, even though you are a business, you can add a personal touch. Furthermore, the spam filters optimize your emails to enhance deliverability.

Due to its easy user-interface, even rookies can give it a try. However, to truly get a hang of the software, you may have to dedicate an inordinate amount of time. A number of users have issues with Pardot's outdated interface coupled with performance lags. Plus, the tool does not come cheap, which is also quite a remarkable deterrent.

ActiveCampaign enjoys quite a formidable reputation in the field of email marketing. Nearly 60,000 companies of various types and sizes bank on ActiveCampaign and it continues to deliver. 

The popularity of ActiveCampaign stems from its keen and relevant data capturing capacity. The data collection feature is capable of extracting information such as age, sex, location, interests, and even social media platforms. The entire suite of customer detail can be gathered via the email address. This facility bypasses the need for creating a lengthy signup form since all that the tool needs are the client’s name and email address. A smaller and less invasive form will appeal to a wider audience. 

The automation offered by ActiveCampaign is another active feature that tips the scale in its favour. All the data that is collected through the forms is frequently imported into your company’s mailing list. Once the details are updated, the customer will soon come under the umbrella of the marketing campaign. 

A prominent disadvantage of ActiveCampaign is the lack of integration with any native third-party widgets and extensions. To overcome this, it does offer a vast store containing a variety of tools and extensions but they are available at an extra cost.

SendinBlue is one of the most pocket-friendly enterprise email marketing tool available. It does not impose any daily email sending limit, due to which bulk email senders and big businesses rely on SendinBlue. The platform allows the user to segregate the user database on the basis of their age, sex, location, and other configurable categories. The heat mapping feature allows the users to monitor where their email marketing campaign gains greater engagement. Given that SendinBlue is well-known for its transactional email service, the autoresponder feature offers a great variety of options.

Despite the attractive package, SendinBlue lacks in providing a robust customer care backup for any kind of assistance. It still makes use of the obsolete ticketing system for resolving issues.

HubSpot is a popular email marketing tool known for its cutting edge automation technology. Large organizations will definitely reap the benefits from the features offered by HubSpot. The platform offers sophisticated visual analytics and reportings on landing pages, forms, SEO, and email marketing campaigns. The CRM module that is integrated with HubSpot allows companies to foster a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their clients.

You can customize your emails for targeted users. Value addition to the emails can be done at the click of a button. All email templates are CAN SPAM compliant to make your marketing campaign a roaring success. In fact, it is easy to test out different strategies on your email marketing campaign to figure out which one works best.

The downside to HubSpot is the 12-month long contract. Even though you are dissatisfied with their services, you will have to continue until the termination of the contract. To combat that, HubSpot offers tiered plans available at various prices. However, these plans lack some essential features.

SendX is still in its budding stages in the field of email marketing. The platform offers email marketing solutions primarily for the non-marketers. A key feature offered by SendX is the ‘Opti-Send Technology’ that automatically contacts users who did not open the previous campaign email. This practice boosts the mail opening rates and all it takes is a single click.

Interestingly, SendX accepts payments made in cryptocurrency, which is normally blocked by other email marketing service providers.

Since the company is yet to establish a stronghold in the marketplace, users can be quite hesitant in using their services.