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Abriella Bond
Inbound Specialist
Asked a question 3 years ago

What percentage of email is spam for 2018?

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According to popular statistics provider Statista, spam messages accounted for a staggering 53.4 percent of the global email traffic.

Another interesting stat is that China had the maximum share of unsolicited emails as they accounted for 14.36 percent of the global spam emails.

In terms of sectors, the most common spam emails belonged to the healthcare and dating niches as audiences in these domains are highly prone to click on spam emails.

The same stat when measured year-on-year from 2014-2018 shows an interesting trend:

September 2018 - 53.5%
September 2017 - 59.5%
September 2016 - 61.2%
September 2015 - 52.8%
September 2014 - 66.5%