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Asked a question 3 years ago

What is How is it different than intercom and other customer communication tools?

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Kelly Williams
Digital Marketing Manager

Userlist.io147 is a fresh attempt in the space of customer messaging tools. The tool tracks every step of the customer journey and logs it. A marketer or the product manager of the site or app can then define triggers and events to automatically engage a customer by sending the right messages at the right moments

What makes Userlist different is that the tool is targeted primarily towards SaaS makers to nurture the users after they have started the trial or paid for the solution. 

Userlist.io108 was the #1 product of the day in producthunt when the community hunted it. 

The pricing for userlist.io121 starts from $49 for 1,000 users and goes all the way up to $499 for up to 100,000 users. 

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