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What is the best free Social media management tool?

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Social media has revolutionized marketing by opening up new avenues for reaching out to potential clients. The hype around social media is real and companies realize that. From interacting with a community to running engaging contests or giveaways, anyone can make use of social media in the manner that they like. 

Given that there are multiple handles across various platforms that come as a premium offerings. But, here the best free social media management tools: free forever

  • Socioboard Core
  • Repost
  • TweetDeck
  • Edit Flow
  • Circular

Here’s a quick overview of these tools:

Socioboard Core: Is an open-source platform, upon customization, it can help you be more aware of the social media environment. All the data collected over Socioboard Core belongs to the user and they can analyze it to maximize their revenue.

  • Platforms Supported: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, and Google+ 
  • What Stands Out: An open source tool that supports nine social media platforms.

Repost for Instagram: Repost allows users to re-post images and videos while giving the original credit to the Instagram user who posted it in the first place. Using this app, you can re-post your own images and videos on Instagram.

  • Platforms Supported: Instagram 
  • What Stands Out: You can share images and videos without having to take a screenshot of it

TweetDeck: Even though TweetDeck is primarily just for Twitter accounts, it can be useful for companies that mainly use Twitter for their social media marketing. TweetDeck allows you to create customized Twitter lists, personalized timelines, and manage searches.

  • Platforms Supported: Twitter
  • What Stands Out: Allows linking team accounts over Twitter

EditFlow: Is an open source tool that has been created by Mo Jangda, Daniel Bachhuber, and Scott Bressler. It is a WordPress extension that you can use to coordinate with your editorial team. It offers you customisable calendars where you can allocate and distribute the segments of your social media management campaigns. With this tool, you can keep your entire team in the loop on the status of blogs/posts.

  • Platforms Supported: WordPress
  • What Stands Out: It enables your team to work as a cohesive unit

Circular: is an open-source social media management App. It operates as a Backbone.js application and makes use of the MongoDB datastore. The tool is developed and written in PHP, which allows the developers to make changes as per their requirements.

  • Platforms Supported: Twitter
  • What Stands Out: Acts as a more streamlined version of Buffer

IFTTT: Is an integration software and a stand-out option in this list. But, IFTTT can be effectively used to control and monitor various social media accounts. With the notification facility, you can manage your social media account while on the go.

  • Platforms Supported: Supports nearly 600 apps, including Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Google Drive, and Telegram.
  • What Stands Out: Can be voice controlled through Google Assistant and Alexa