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What is lead automation?

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Automaton  is  mmarketing.

In conventional marketing, leads are collected over various channels be it email sign up, contact forms, and other forms of opt-in. These leads are then reviewed and forwarded to the sales team to pursue the lead regardless of any priority or characteristic identification. 

This is where lead automation comes into the picture. 

Lead automation facilitates lead hand-off from marketing to sales. Within this automation, users can define a set of criteria, based on which the leads can be sorted and assigned a priority. It gives the company insight into the importance and value of the lead so that the company can respond accordingly.

Lead automation can be broadly classified into five distinct functions:

  • Lead Capture: This tool collects all the lead information collected across all channels.
  • Lead Qualification: A lead qualification tool identifies certain lead characteristics that can help determine lead quality. It enhances the lead scoring capacity.
  • Lead Scoring: Much like lead qualification, lead scoring assigns importance and priority to leads. It allows the sales team to strike at the most appropriate time to convert the leads.
  • Lead Distribution: All leads have different requirements and different salespersons can cater to them. Thus, it is important to match the leads with a fitting salesperson. This activity is carried out by the lead distribution team aptly.
  • Lead Nurturing: Once a lead comes down the funnel, they need to be nurtured at every step of the buyer’s journey. From offering guidance to creating product awareness - lead nurturing can be automated through lead automation.