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Asked a question 3 years ago

What is Disconnect 2.0? How is it different from the other ad-blockers or privacy solutions in the market?

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Disconnect is an all-in-one blocking solution that bundles the ad-blockers, VPN and encryption solutions. Most of the solution that's available in the market are either a stand-alone ad blockers or VPN Solutions. Disconnect is attempting to unify the solutions! The good thing about Disconnect is that the solution is available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows

As a user, you have 2 modes.

  1. Blocking Mode
  2. Encrypted Mode

Blocking Mode blocks all the trackers and malware sites and keeps you free from being tracked by any service or platform. This option is great if you just want to stop the trackers and don't worry about IP protection/masking. This option is optimized for day-to-day usage without affecting the performance of the device or battery. This option is great when you are connected to the internet from you regular places like office / work.

Encrypted mode is an advanced protection mode with an added layer of VPN Encryption and IP Masking. The encryption eats up the CPU and ends up draining the battery faster. This option is great when you are connected to the internet from unsafe or public Wi-Fi or even when you want to encrypt all your communication.

Hope this helps!