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What is Clickbait? Is it a good strategy?

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Clickbait is a common term with an even more common usage as a strategy. In simple words, clickbait can be defined as content that makes high claims to attract a great amount of traffic. However, the content that it redirects to is normally dis-interesting and sometimes even troll material. Quite often, it could even be a collection of content from various sources, which are popularly called listicles.

Clickbait content makes use of sensational headlines that are crafted to draw the user’s attention. It is considered to be a super fast way of getting more traffic on your website. Some phrases include “you won’t believe” or “too good to be true” or “you will never guess what happened next."

Depending on the nature of your business, you can use clickbait to your advantage. On the other hand, clickbait could also hurt your reputation. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of making use of clickbait:


  • It could fuel user curiosity, and this curiosity gap, in turn, increases the number of visitors to your website.
  • With a great influx of traffic, your ranking could improve on the search engine results page.
  • Making use of dramatic headlines could help you stand apart from your competitors
  • If a clickbait heading is followed by a killer article, it can put your website in the spotlight.
  • The internal linking of relevant content can help improve your SEO score.


  • Since clickbait is generally associated with fake news, it will offer a negative brand perception. 
  • It may cause your audience to feel dissatisfied, which will put you in the back-foot in terms of brand reputation.
  • Articles with clickbait headings have a higher bounce rate since the content over-promises and under-delivers.
  • Clickbait has run its course and thus users are wary and distrustful of websites that make use of clickbait.
  • With the latest algorithms that are rolled out for social media platforms and SEO performance markers, clickbait is bound to be wiped out.

A good practice to follow would be to use clickbait in moderation as it will allure readers to go through your content without damaging your brand reputation.