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Abriella Bond
Inbound Specialist
Asked a question 3 years ago

What is a hard bounce and smart bounce in email marketing? What does higher bounce rate indicate?

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Hard bounce and soft bounce are terms used in email marketing that indicate failure of email delivery. Whenever an email server rejects a mail, it is termed as a bounce. The difference between the two are explained below:

Hard Bounce

Hard bounces are permanent delivery failure of emails. These emails will never reach the intended inbox due to several reasons that are out of control of the sender. Some of the most common reasons for hard bounces are:

  1. Fake or wrong email addresses
  2. Domains that don’t exist
  3. Email server has blocked delivery

Soft Bounce

Soft bounces are temporary failures of emails. They stand a chance of being delivered as the sending server keeps trying for a few times. The reasons for soft bounces can be various but the most common ones include:

  1. Large email files.
  2. Recipient's inbox is full.
  3. Email server is temporarily unavailable.

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