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Asked a question 3 years ago

What is a good email unsubscribe rate?

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Monica Wilson
Content Marketing Manager

Just like most metrics around email marketing, even the unsubscription rate is something which differs based on the type of emails and the industry you’re operating in. However, some common trends have brought up benchmark metrics for unsubscription rates.

Anywhere between a 0.2% to 0.5% unsubscription rate is a standard across all industries. But for an in-depth analysis, Mailchimp has collated the standard KPIs for the top industries that use emails as an important form of communication. If you operate in any of these industries, it might be a great benchmark to start following across different metrics.

Unsubscription rates for some of the key industries are mentioned as below: 

  • E-commerce - 0.24%
  • Health and Fitness - 0.37%
  • Marketing and Advertising - 0.26%
  • Travel - 0.24%

If your unsubscription rate is more than 0.5%, it might be a warning sign that something might not be going right. Either the marketing campaign itself or there might be technical challenges that need resolution.