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What is a drip campaign in email marketing?

What is a drip campaign in email marketing?

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Emails are an asynchronous form of communication and email marketing is often meant for user’s consumption than eliciting a response from them. Thus, email marketers often strategize a plan to schedule multiple emails in an automated fashion. This is known as a drip campaign. A set of emails are sent to users automatically, either based on their actions or within a particular time frame.

Drip campaigns are used for both, transactional, as well as marketing emails. These campaigns can be easily set up in your email marketing tool.

An example of a drip campaign on an e-commerce website is as follows:

  1. An email goes out when a user signs up.
  2. The next one when he makes a purchase.
  3. Another one a few days later showing him similar items based on his past purchase.
  4. One when he adds a product to his cart but doesn’t make a purchase.

There are many ways a drip campaign can be set and it depends on the nature of service and how a marketer would utilize this feature.