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Asked a question 3 years ago

What aspects of the customer lifecycle does a marketing automation software manage?

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Monica Wilson
Content Marketing Manager

Due to the effectiveness of marketing automation, the following aspects of a customer life-cycle can be handled through automation:

  • Lead Capturing
    • Welcoming and on-boarding a lead
    • Winning back cold leads
    • Offering guidance to leads
    • Marketing outreach
    • Brand advertising through events
  • Lead Targeting
    • Social media targeting
    • Targeted advertising
    • Re-marketing
  • Lead Nurturing
    • Dynamic web content for on-site personalization in real-time
    • Personalized marketing content
    • Promotional advertising
  • Lead Scoring
    • Customer prioritization
  • Lead Conversion
    • Purchase assistance
    • Loyalty programs
  • Customer retention
    • Reconnecting with clients
  • Reporting and Customer feedback
    • Collecting customer feedback
    • Offering customer support

Thus, it can be seen that marketing automation tools can have a multi-faceted role in your company. If utilized correctly, it can help in almost all stages of a customer’s life-cycle. However, these features and functionalities vary from each platform and also depend on the plans that the company has subscribed.