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What are the best social media tools for Pinterest?

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Pinterest is a social networking platform with a greater emphasis on visual content. From quotes to panel-wise DIY instructions - Pinterest has it all. It allows you to curate the content as per your tastes and liking.

Here are some social media tools that will make Pinterest even more fun:

Hootsuite - When it comes to social media management tools, Hootsuite is truly one of a kind. A year ago, Hootsuite announced integration with Pinterest, allowing users to schedule and publish Pins from Hootsuite. You can create or schedule new Pins and even schedule or post the Pin over multiple dashboards at the same time.

ViralTag - Looking for a quick and easy way to bulk-schedule Pins? ViralTag allows you to pin to multiple boards across multiple Pinterest account at the same time. Moreover, this tool also reschedules popular pins automatically. Canva integration, paired with ViralTag's built-in image editing tool, makes it one of the best visual content creation tools for Pinterest. 

Buffer - When it comes to scheduling pins, you cannot go wrong with Buffer. Not only does this official partner of Pinterest allow you to schedule pins, but you can also use it for measuring your pins' performance. The interface of Buffer is clean and incredibly easy to navigate.

Tailwind - Is an ideal tool for those who are not satisfied with the basic analytics provided by Pinterest. With Tailwind, you can check detailed and advanced analytics and even analyze your competitors. It offers a wide range of features such as deeper reach, Pin scheduling, conversation monitoring, and content discovery.

Pinvolve - Pinvolve offers a medley of Facebook and Pinterest. The software allows you to convert your favorite Facebook images into Pins. Alternatively, you can even share your favorite Pins on Facebook. So if you share content on both platforms, Pinvolve will definitely save your time.