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What are the best social media tools for Instagram?

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With more than 8 million monthly active users, Instagram is a force to reckon. You can establish and develop your brand and even market it directly or through social media influencers. Instagram has emerged as more than a home to hashtags.

If you wish to get your business over Instagram, here are a few tools that will come handy:

  • Buffer: From posting content to analyzing the performance of multiple social media accounts, there is nothing that Buffer cannot do. It is a powerful tool that allows you to include all the social media management team members and allocate posting permissions and duties. 
  • HootSuite: Much like Buffer, HootSuite is an all-in-one app that lets you schedule content, gain insight on your competitors, and increase post engagement. 
  • Social Captain: Social Captain allows you to increase your followers by generating real followers and even post engagement in the form of likes and comments. All you need to do is define your target audience and let Social Captain do the rest. 
  • Iconosquare: This tool is powered by a robust analytical system that tracks and monitors your performance and compares it to your competitors’ performance. Through hashtag monitoring, you can gain learn what people have to say about your brand. 
  • Magisto: Instagram is about videos as much as it is about Insta-worthy pictures. Magisto allows you to create high-quality videos that you can post to your Instagram.
  • Sendible: Social media engagement touches peaks at certain hours while it is a dull, dead place at other times. To ensure that you get maximum engagement, Sendible allows you to schedule and post content at the sweet spot when you will get the maximum footprint.
  • Boomerang: We can never get tired of a good boomerang video, can we? Make use of Instagram’s Boomerang to create short, fun videos to display your creativity and keep your followers interested and entertained.
  • TagBoard: TagBoard will filter through all the Instagram posts and help you locate the popular content and the accounts corresponding to it. Look up a hashtag and followers over a large grid-like layout to know what they are after.
  • Social Rank: Social Rank allows you to segment and categorizes your Instagram followers. The tool will sort the audience on the basis of demographics, keywords in bio, hashtags, number of followers, geographic location, and device used. Save this data in the form of a list to monitor your campaigns.
  • Have2HaveIt: Instagram is transforming into a mini store where eCommerce websites are displaying their goods. Have2HaveIt will help you transform an Instagram feed into an eCommerce setup. Your product images will be linked to your website where viewers can purchase the goods.
  • Boost: In continuation with above, Boost would be a great addition to your toolset if you wish to use Instagram as an eCommerce platform. Users can leave unique comments that you can track and help them in making a purchase.