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What are the best practices for email marketing

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Emails can be termed as one of the oldest forms of internet communication. Email marketing came to light when marketers started understanding that people spend a lot of time emailing each other and that can be one of the best modes of communication for advertising.

Till date, it is among the most effective forms of online marketing. But the rules of the game and best practices have evolved with time. The marketing techniques that worked a decade back fall flat now. But there are some practices that ensure basic hygiene, as well as key metric improvement, if implemented well.

Some of the best practices for email marketing are:

  • Tracking Analysis
  • Email Testing
  • Fair use of code and images
  • Avoid Spam
  • Personalization

Let's take a look in detail

Tracking Analysis - Just like every other marketing activity, email marketing needs to be measured. Most people have proper tracking mechanisms in place but fail to act on it. Almost every popular email marketing tool offers KPI tracking of open rates, CTRs, bounce rates, etc. If you’re already collecting this data, use it to your advantage and improve your email marketing strategies based on it.

Email Testing - There are several email clients that your users might be using. Before you shoot out a mail, test it across different clients and browsers to see if it’s rendering correctly. Email software have testing tools built into them and you can make use of them to ensure a great experience for your users. If your email renders correctly in the top clients including Gmail, Outlook, and the like, you are covered.

Fair use of code and images - Writing code for emailers has seen a paradigm shift once people started expecting responsive mailers. Most templates being used in the tools are responsive by default, but the ones you manually write need to have a code that is compatible for all device resolutions, as well as email clients. Also, JavaScript doesn’t render correctly in emails so avoid using that for all purposes. Moreover, ensure that your email isn’t stuffed with too many images. The primary reason being most clients think it’s spam and many block them at origin.

Avoid Spam - Spamming might seem like a great opportunity to reach tons of people in the short term but it’s a terrifyingly bad idea in the long run. Your most genuine users would give up and unsubscribe, something you don’t want to happen. Nobody goes out with the intention of spamming their users but sending every mail to every person is no less than spamming. Have well-curated lists and segmentation to ensure everyone has a great experience.

Personalization - Each one of us is greeted with hundreds of marketing emails every single day. The least you can do to catch someone’s attention is to personalize your mails. The user feels delighted to read their name amongst mails that are generic. Although it’s a debate whether personalization should be counted as a best practice, but it is definitely a great practice for every email marketer trying to get their user’s attention.

These are some of the best practices that ensure a great email experience for your users, as well as help you in achieving your goals with email marketing.