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What are some open source live chat softwares?

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There are no two views when it comes to the utility of live chat software. Live chat software comes with adequate features to fulfill the needs of any businesses, and there may be cases when you need to add or alter a feature. There are a lot of open source software(s) that one can give a try.

Live-helper chat: Live helper chat is one of the most efficient open source live chat software that offers almost all fundamental utilities. Being an open source software, it is entirely free and allows unlimited chats. It also integrates Facebook, Telegram, XMPP notifications, and chrome extensions.

Livezilla: Livezila is another live chat software that has useful features like tickets and helpdesk, which allows the website visitor to leave a message when you are offline. It also offers Besucher Monitoring that gives you an insight over who referred to your visitor and a few critical details about your visitors. Most importantly, Livezilla is entirely built using open source products.

Help Center Live!: HCL is one of oldest live chat solution, support system and completely built using open source tools.