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Asked a question 3 years ago

What are some latest features in social media management tools?

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While selecting a social media management tool, there is no best fit. Every tool has something new and unique to offer. You only have to evaluate your requirements and pick a tool accordingly.

Here are some latest features that you would find in several social media management tools:

  • Centralized analytics for tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and metrics of various social media accounts. This allows you to evaluate the performance charts of the campaigns together and make necessary modifications.
  • Real-time monitoring of user behavior through customized dashboards and intuitive data-driven reports.
  • Post scheduling, automated tagging, and alerts for fast, collaborative working.
  • Bench-marking your performance according to the competitor’s social media performance.
  • Geo-tagging to post relevant content specific to a region; avoiding a huge PR-nightmare.
  • Automatically connecting links to UTM tags for effective URL tacking once the user visits your website.
  • Message approval pipeline to avoid posting inappropriate or wrong messages to social media accounts.