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Kamala Carius
Content Marketing Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

If someone accidentally deletes a bunch of contacts on CRM – is it possible to get them back?

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Maria Palmer
Revenue driven demand generation & content expert.

This depends on the CRM tool/software that you are using. In certain CRM tools, it is not at all possible to restore a deleted contact directly in the CRM. To do so, you would require a backup database of all the records. You can then restore deleted contacts in two ways:

  • Using an SDK to push deleted records back into the CRM tool.
  • Exporting the deleted contacts to excel and then importing them into the CRM tool.

Some CRM tools, such as Dynamics CRM123, Cobalt, Zoho CRM188, Apptivo122, and HubSpot CRM127, also have advanced features that allow for direct restoration. This is made possible through a ‘Deleted Items’ section (such as Recycle Bin or Trash) where records would be placed after deletion. Hence, a user can simply select the deleted record and click the restore (or rollback) button to get the record back if it has been deleted in error.