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Asked a question 2 years ago

I'm looking for a company like Robo Contact ( Or I need to direct contact new clients. looking for solutions and open to hear your professional opinions.

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Kelly Williams
Digital Marketing Manager

RoboContact is a lead generation software that enables a user to find contacts and search for targeted leads. There are a lot of lead generation software that enables the user to instantly connect with their dream clients. Mentioned below are some of them with the features mentioned as well: is a cold outreach automation software that allows a user to find, validate and email prospects with better conversion rates. The tools offered by lets you take control of the lead generation process. It allows you to find contacts by domain name, send triggered sequences with email drip campaigns, tracks the recipient responds to the email such as click rate, open rate, etc., allows a user to search and save email IDs of LinkedIn users. 

Cliently is also a lead generation software that enables a user to find a specific company or lead, manage smart automated outreach campaign, add and track the task using task manager, track all emails in a single place, view detailed analytics related to the email campaigns carried out. is also a lead generation software that automates prospecting, finding emails and outreach, so that your focus can be on closing the deals. It allows the user to target a specific type of company and gives an AI generated list of prospects. The user can then compose email templates using the software and control who are contacted. The software also automates the follow-ups so that you can focus on selling. 

There are a lot of variety in lead generation software and there are plenty of helpful tools offered by each software to ease the process of contacting prospects. The decision depends on what tools are integral to your operation and what tools can you manage with or without.

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