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How to make an email list for marketing?

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Having a stellar email list is one of the best channels of direct marketing. It is personal, reaches the intended audience, and helps marketers get high conversions. The below pointers will be of great help if you plan to build an email list from scratch.


Know your target audience

This is the first step in email marketing that not only helps in building out a good list but helps in other areas of understanding your users as well. If you know your target audience, it will help in curating content and managing communications for the list in a much better way. Moreover, it would lead to higher conversions/CTRs down the line which is an added bonus.

Get enough people on the list 

Distribution can be a huge channel while starting out to build an email list. The best way to initiate this would be to collect emails on high traffic brand properties. Having a website or a landing page for email collection is a must-have. You can then direct traffic there via social media campaigns, paid advertising, or placing an email collector on high-traffic pages.

Segment them
The best way to ensure effective communication with your users is to segment them based on their preferences or niche. This not only helps in eliciting the desired actions from users but also in building trust with your brand as you only send relevant emails to the right people. This is a huge multiplier of your email marketing efforts.

All email marketing tools offer a mechanism through which you can create lists easily. You just need to know the right ways to get started with it, which you already know now.

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