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How does list segmentation help in email marketing?

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When a user subscribes to a service or newsletter via email, their expectations and intent differ a lot. Each user belongs to a separate demographic and has a unique persona based on which they act. When sending emails to a huge audience base, the one-size fits all approach might not lead to the best results. This is where list segmentations come into play.

Segmenting users based on their buyer persona, demographic, and several other specific factors might benefit in the below-mentioned ways:

  1. Higher conversions: Sending one email to a huge base results in shallow
    conversions for obvious reasons; not everyone might be interested in it. But, when there are segmented lists, emails can be sent only to people who need to see it. This will not only impact the open rates but lead to higher CTRs and at times, better fulfilment rates for whatever the intent of the emailer is.
  2. Engaging Communication: The definition of engaging communication might differ for each user and when there are list segmentations, it can be made more engaging depending on the persona. Everything from the subject line to the body text and the communication style can be tweaked to suit the users in a specific list.
  3. Builds Trust: If you send every email to every user, eventually they will stop caring. But, if they receive emails that are highly relevant to them and they know that the content will add value to them, they will start trusting the brand. And when that happens, the open rates automatically climb high with time.

These are some of the top reasons how segmenting users into a list might help your email marketing efforts.