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How do you increase email deliverability?

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Product | Growth Hacker

Email deliverability is the percent of emails that get delivered successfully to the user’s mailbox. Factors like IPs, domains, throttling, whitelisting, spam, and bulking addresses come into the picture while optimizing for it.

Some of the key steps marketers can take to ensure an increase in email deliverability are as follows:

  1. Use double opt-ins: Will ensure the legibility of emails that all are valid email addresses.
  2. Send from a different domain: To make sure the original website domain doesn’t get impacted due to blacklisting of emails.
  3. Use custom authentication: Features like captcha might help in reducing spam bots.
  4. Provide an unsubscribe button in every email: Ensures people who don’t want to receive it can simply unsubscribe instead of blocking or adding it to spam.
  5. Limit the number of images: At times, some email clients might treat image-heavy emails as spam as they can’t detect the content on it.
  6. Use genuine headlines: Spammy headlines might trigger the email client algorithms to directly send it to spam or blacklist the email ID.

These are some of the easiest ways through which marketers can improve their email deliverability. Mostly avoiding spam behaviour might do the trick and convince email clients that it is indeed a genuine email.