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How do I create a professional email signature?

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Carly Ashby
Demand Generation Expert

An email signature is a great way to sell yourself as a brand. It has to be attractive yet to the point, and personal yet professional, which may seem rather contradictory. 

The main purpose of an email signature is to convey basic information, such as name, designation, company name, and contact details, so as to encourage the reader to respond. It is a way to make a great first impression on the recipient.

Before you start creating your signature, here are a few components you should consider including:

  • Name, position, and company name. 
  • Contact details such as company email and phone number. 
  • Social media account links (usually, a LinkedIn account is preferred). 
  • Company logo and/or your head-shot.
How do I create a professional email signature?
  1. Keep it short and simple. A general rule of thumb indicates that a 4-line signature is good enough.
  2. Think of adding a splash of colour to make your signature more memorable (however, do not overdo it). Use a somber colour scheme.
  3. Use a vertical line as a separator between the different elements.
  4. Keep the size of the signature optimum. A signature that is too small will be easily lost while a large, in-your-face signature will take the focus away from the email content.  
  5. If you are including visual media, crop the image to the signature size and compress the file size so that it does not take long to load.
  6. For freelancers, it is a good practice to include a link to their sample works or portfolio.
  7. Most importantly, make sure that this signature is clearly visible on desktops as well as mobile phone apps. If the receiver has to scroll through your signature, it may annoy them.

A few examples

Professional Email Signature with logo
Professional Email Signature with logo
Professional Email Signature with Photo
Professional Email Signature with Photo