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Asked a question 3 years ago

Custom UI/UX design - can we add or reorder the sections and fields on each layout? Can we set up the navigation and add quick links?

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Every leading CRM tool today allows for user customization options in terms of the UI/UX. This includes the ability to add or reorder fields on layouts. This is generally done through following steps:

  • Right click on the section that you want to reorder. You can even try clicking and holding it.
  • Select the drag option (or move your mouse if you are holding it).
  • Drag the section in the desired column and/or reordering them in the layout.

Additionally, users also have the option of using quick links to navigate through all the functions. For instance, a CRM tool can come with a dedicated work area with a menu to facilitate instant navigation between different sections. Different work areas cater to specific features such as event management, online marketing, or administration.

While it is generally not possible for CRM tools to extend custom navigation, they do come with relevant app menus and work areas that do the job for you.

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