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Kamala Carius
Content Marketing Manager
Asked a question 3 years ago

Can the sender see the progress of the referral in the CRM system? Can the sender see all their referrals and status?

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Maria Palmer
Revenue driven demand generation & content expert.

Yes. A CRM system enables organizations to automate key portions of their referral tracking by having it centrally located. This fosters more collaboration, helps with proactive referral seeking an internal follow-up activity, and instills more accountability in the whole ecosystem. 

For platforms that have an integrated login portal for customers, it is possible to show them their active referrals and the status of each. And in cases which do not involve a login portal/dashboard, customers can simply contact sales/support reps to fetch the status of their referrals. In such cases, the CRM would be actively collecting/updating data about every relevant referral of the customer. A sales rep can easily pull up their contact profile and view their referral program status, add details of new referrals, or even link them to a newly referred contact.

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