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Asked a question 2 years ago

Are there any charges for integrating apps and data sources with CRM?

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App Integrations are helpful for any cloud based solution. It makes the CRM setup much efficient in better management of leads and contacts. It also saves time and resource by bringing the content of multiple software in a single platform. Most of the CRM software come with integrations as a package, while in some cases, you might need additional integrations. Depending upon the type, the cost requirements of integrating apps and data sources with CRM might change.

Integrated: CRM like HubSpot128, Insightly133 and Zoho CRM218 come with a plethora of in-built integrations with them. If enabled, they can pull contents of multiple apps within the CRM software itself. So that the user doesn’t need to switch between apps. These kind of integrations are often free.

Custom Support: CRM service provider can offer additional integrations for premium customers and customized packages. The developer has the source code and full knowledge about the CRM software and will easily be able to do the required integrations. So, the cost might be moderate in this case.

Besides the two, one may hire an IT professional or employ an IT expert in-house for customized app integrations and data sources with CRM system. This can be an expensive option.