Mobile analytics software will capture data from multiple channels such as mobile apps and mobile websites using which you can monitor and improve your user engagement, retention and conversion rate in real-time. It analyzes the data and identifies the unique users and their behaviors in the application. Incorporating this software will allow you to build campaigns and can send customized notifications to your consumer. Besides, you can even segment your consumers to send targeted notifications and messages to them, and this will drastically improve the user conversion rate for your business. Mobile Analytics is akin to the conventional analytics that's used on desktop browsers, but offer additional capabilities to track behaviours and nuances that are native to mobile devices such as swipe, touch, zoom etc., 

A quick look at vital factors that you need to consider while purchasing a mobile analytics software.

  • Easy Integration: Ensure that your software supports seamless integration with SDK without coding. That will help your application to deliver enhanced analytics.
  • User Segmentation: Availability of this feature will let you segment or group your consumers based on setting up criteria using which you can build cohorts.
  • Dashboard availability: It is a significant factor that your software must have a customized dashboard to view data and surface insights.
  • Compatibility: Make sure that your software allows you to track data across various operating systems and devices.