I assume you know that there are several different types of auto dialers, each with its own purpose and functions.

Predictive dialer is the most powerful solution for outbound because it can easily and quickly manage large lists of leads. It keeps your agents busy and makes dialing risk-free at the same time (the situation when the lead picks up and the agent is not there to start a conversation is reduced provided that you have enough people in staff). In short, you need a predictive dialer to maximize sales. It’s all about efficiency!

Let’s break down all the perks in more detail.

  • No manual dialing

All that time an average agent spends on dialing each number from the list manually and waiting for a response from each lead is the time they could have spent on actual selling. Didn’t get through for some reason? The predictive dialer will automatically redial it later. It virtually takes on the routine operations.

  • Unobstructed connection

Predictive dialer automatically detects answering machines, busy lines, unavailable numbers, and involves your agent in a conversation only after it connects to the real person so your agents jump in straight into a conversation.

  • DNC compliance

Legal regulation is something that every company needs to follow and given a complicated history of telemarketing, outbound calling undergoes some restrictions. A predictive dialer is compliant with all the Do Not Call policies and it prevents agents from calling those people that don’t want to be bugged.

  • Extra perks

Modern predictive dialers do so much more than just dialing. They allow you to choose a different phone number for any local area, they integrate with other business solutions that you use every day, they record calls and provide reports, and they have flexible redialing rules, allowing you to set up calling intervals for each status. The most efficient ones even have built-in CRM systems. On the whole, predictive dialers help you create outbound campaigns of the future.

As you can see, there’s no reason not to try a predictive dialer if outbound sales is what you do. We’ve recently introduced our very own Predictive dialer that can give you all these benefits and even more, so check it out!