A Business Intelligence (BI) software helps you in getting insightful reports on your business by analyzing, exploring and retrieving data from your operations. BI software is beneficial for the growth of your business as they provide you with tools and reports to help you make informed decisions. Its advanced analytical tools and cloud-hosting features have attracted business from all types of industries and have been a significant contributor to their success.

There are many Business Intelligence software available online with a variety of tools and features that selecting the right BI software is in itself a big task. No BI software perfectly suits every type of business, so you must choose software that’s best for your business and satisfies all your needs and requirements. The various points that you need to consider before going for a particular BI software are:

  • Reporting Tools: The most critical function of any BI software is to provide you with reports based on which you will be making decisions. Before selecting any software, check its OLAP capabilities and how many ways it can source, sort and present data. The more extensive the OLAP tools, the better.
  • Ease of use: You do not want to be wasting time adapting to the software, check a software’s intuitiveness before going for it. Features like collaboration capabilities, drag-and-drop interface, reliable tech support and self-service visualizations make working a lot easier.
  • Output clarity: One more important factor to consider before buying any BI software is how the software makes the most use of all the data and reports. Visualization is something that you must look out. The better a software displays these reports, the most you will make out of it.
  • Accessibility: You must stay connected to your business all the time. Even when you’re not at work, you should be able to access your software whenever and wherever you want so that you are always updated about every little change. So, choose a software which you can access from your desktop, iOS, Android, iPad or any other platform.