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Having a stellar email list is one of the best channels of direct marketing. It is personal,
reaches the intended audience, and helps marketers get high conversions. The below
pointers will be of great help if you plan to build an email list from scr... (More)


Higher bounce rates indicate an increase in the number of delivery failures, the root cause of which must be figured out. For hard bounces, simply removing those emails from the list can help in improving campaign delivery. For soft bounces, there ... (More)


Hard bounce and soft bounce are terms used in email marketing that indicate failure of email delivery. Whenever an email server rejects a mail, it is termed as a bounce. The difference between the two are explained below:

Hard Bounce

Hard bounc... (More)


Emails are an asynchronous form of communication and email marketing is often meant for user’s consumption than eliciting a response from them. Thus, email marketers often strategize a plan to schedule multiple emails in an automated fashion. This ... (More)


When a user subscribes to a service or newsletter via email, their expectations and intent differ a lot. Each user belongs to a separate demographic and has a unique persona based on which they act. When sending emails to a huge audience base, the ... (More)


Email deliverability is the percent of emails that get delivered successfully to the user’s
mailbox. Factors like IPs, domains, throttling, whitelisting, spam, and bulking addresses
come into the picture while optimizing for it.

Some of the key steps ... (More)


Email deliverability, as the term suggests is the ability to deliver emails to the recipient's
inbox. This is one of the key metrics that marketers take into account while measuring the performance of their email marketing efforts.

Most email m... (More)

Kelly Williams , Digital Marketing Manager

The concept of A/B testing is simple; testing multiple things and figuring out what works best. It is a popular phenomenon for all products and services, including email marketing.

With A/B tests, you can test multiple variations of the same m... (More)


The straight-forward answer to this question is to think of at what time do you check your emails? The answer is probably close to what research says about the best time to send a marketing email.

As per popular email service Campaign Monitor’s rese... (More)


Triggered mails are sent to the user based on their actions or a behavioural pattern. They are automated and already setup in the email marketing tool to initiate as required.

Transactional emails are a huge part of these triggered emails wher... (More)

Maria Palmer , Revenue driven demand generation & content expert.

Double opt-in is a verification method that triggers after you submit your email ID. Once you do this, you are also required to go to your mail box and click on a confirmation link to verify your email. It is a common practice by website owners to ... (More)


According to popular statistics provider Statista, spam messages accounted for a staggering 53.4 percent of the global email traffic.

Another interesting stat is that China had the maximum share of unsolicited emails as they accounted for 14.36 perc... (More)

Carly Ashby , Demand Generation Expert

The best email marketing software that come with landing pages include: 

  1. Mailchimp 
  2. HubSpot 
  3. Pardot 
  4. Marketo  
  5. iContact 

Email marketing tools are abundant on the internet and most of them do a pretty good job in... (More)


The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws changed a lot of things around permission on the internet, especially for marketers. The starting point for all email marketers begins with the collection of user’s emails. Now, to do so, they must... (More)

Rachel Leonard , Builder of growth teams

Erxes3 is an attempt to create an open source growth marketing software that is similar to hubspot. Erxes helps your marketing, sales and customer service teams to effectively engage with your existing and potential customers.

Here's the snapshot of ... (More)


The pricing for Drift starts at $19/month. Drift offers 3 different plans such as Basic, Pro and Elite at $19/month, $49/month and $99/month respectively. Drift also offers a  Free account with limited features for you to try.

For a detailed in... (More)


Dashboard Software

Dashboard software provides an interface which collaborates data from different sources and displays the key performance indicators (KPIs) along with the vital business process of an organization. This software will provide a bundle of features tha... (More)

Business Intelligence Software

A Business Intelligence (BI) software helps you in getting insightful reports on your business by analyzing, exploring and retrieving data from your operations. BI software is beneficial for the growth of your business as they provide you with tool... (More)

Mobile Analytics Software and Buyer's Guide

Mobile analytics software will capture data from multiple channels such as mobile apps and mobile websites using which you can monitor and improve your user engagement, retention and conversion rate in real-time. It analyzes the data and ident... (More)

Buyer's Guide on AB Testing Software

  • The most fundamental of A/B testing tools require the client to plan and code each variation of the site page being tried. Few advanced tools offer a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface that permits non-technical clients to make variet... (More)

Web Analytics Software Supporting Conversion Tracking For Affiliate Marketers

Most affiliate merchants/networks have their own tracking system and won't be willing to integrate with yours (Google Analytics or other). So you have to do your own integration, this analysis is best done in something like Excel because of ease an... (More)

Web Analytics Software And Buyer's Guide

Web analytics software is mandatory for all companies in order to analyze the performance of their websites. Incorporating this application helps you to identify your customer behavior. It allows you to gather important data based on which you can ... (More)

Field Service Management Software And Buyer's Guide

Many professions demand to work on-site instead of just office-based jobs. Field service is necessary for construction workers, medical representatives, field technicians, and many such professionals. The field workforce and service need to be mana... (More)

The Best Practices For Setting Up Help Desk Support For A Small-To-Medium Startup

An optimal help desk software would allow you to resolve tickets, assign tickets to team members, label your tickets to monitor their status, address service level agreements and provide consistent customer support.

For a small-to-medium size startu... (More)

Help Desk Software And Buyer's Guide

Helpdesk can be defined as a function or resource set up to provide customers/end users with necessary information and satisfy their queries. A help desk software helps companies resolve customer grievances with greater efficiency and automate the ... (More)

Call Center Software Must Have a Predictive Dialer

I assume you know that there are several different types of auto dialers, each with its own purpose and functions.

Predictive dialer is the most powerful solution for outbound because it can easily and quickly manage large lists of leads. It keeps y... (More)

Call Center Software And Buyer's Guide

Call center software is deployed in a company to improve customer support services. It allows you to manage multiple channels like phone, live chat, and social media to provide efficient customer support to your customers. Using this software, you ... (More)

Free and Open Source Live Chat Software to engage your visitors

A Live Chat software is used to engage your website visitors in order to increase sales and customer retention. It does so by enabling easy communication between the person sitting behind a website and its visitors. In addition, these live chat sof... (More)

Things You Need To Know About Live Chat Software

A software designed to provide live support to websites by enabling real-time communication between the website and its visitors. This software comes with a host of tools and features that help your agents converse with your visitors efficiently, w... (More)

CRM software for a small e-commerce company!

I would recommend using Freshsales CRM for your small e-commerce company.

Feature Highlights of Freshsales CRM:

Auto Profile Enrichment: Freshsales automatically enriches your leads, contacts and accounts with their social and publicly listed informa... (More)

Startups need to use CRM software!

Yes , of course startups need to use CRM software .

CRM (Customer relationship management) is the process of managing a company’s co-operations throughout the entire customer life cycle. CRM software applications support the automation of these proc... (More)

CRM software improves your business!

I’ve been in sales for many years, and after spending hours switching between Excel spreadsheets and losing dozens of prospective clients I can tell for sure that a solid CRM does make a huge difference.

Here are some of the ways in which CRM improv... (More)

Contact Management Software

Maintaining contacts and keeping them well-organized is essential for fueling business growth. You lose a significant business contact; you lose a business opportunity. To avoid such costly mistakes, it becomes necessary to ensure appropriate conta... (More)

Best free and open source CRM software to scale up your business further

The 5 best free and open source CRM software that help you to manage your customer relations efficiently. An effective CRM software also enhances the level of customer satisfaction.

Acquiring new customers is important to scale up a business, but re... (More)

CRM Software

A (Customer Relationship Management) CRM Software helps businesses to manage their relationship with the customers while also providing various tools and features to convert leads into sales. A CRM software is very effective for any business as it ... (More)